PLC is a specialist in industrial environment applications designed digital arithmetic operations electronic devices. It can be programmed using a memory , used in its internal memory to perform logical operations, operation sequence , timing , counting and arithmetic operations such as operating instructions , and can be digital or analog inputs and outputs, control of various types of machinery or production processes . PLC and its related peripherals should be in accordance with the easy and industrial control systems form a whole, the principle is easy to extend its functionality and design.
PLC = Programmable Logic Controller, programmable logic controllers, a digital electronic computers operating system , designed for use in industrial environments and design. It uses a programmable memory for its internal storage procedures , implementation of logical , sequential control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations such as user-oriented instruction , and through digital or analog input / output control various types of machinery or production processes. The core of the industrial control .
PLC major brands
Mitsubishi PLC, Schneider PLC, Utah Nikon Unitronics ( Israel ) [ 1 ] Delta PLC, Panasonic PLC, Omron PLC, Fuji PLC, Siemens PLC, GE PLC, Koyo PLC, Yonghong PLC, LG PLC, Gu Mei PLC, Hitachi PLC Rockwell PLC, TWS PLC, ABB-PLC, AB PLC, Kuwait PLC, Jiahua PLC, Xinje PLC, Advantech PLC, and Lee PLC ……


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